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The Purple Sandals




Screenwriting, Location Management, Accessories & Costume Design and Providing


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Sound design, Color correction, CG, SRT, DCP, Editing


About Us:

Rommana Art Studio was founded by some of the Art University of Tehran students at 2015. Its activities were mainly focused on low budget short Films and documentaries. In 2019 Rommana Art Studio became a professional Project. Despite maintaining its focus on Films and documentaries, the studio has expanded its activities in many Art branches and looks forward to finding new audiences.

Mohamed Jaza

Mohamed Jaza is a Syrian who was born in 1994 in Iran, where he currently lives. Educating from a local Arabian school, he entered Tehran University of Art to study Cinema. In 2015, he made the documentary Beloved Alphabet, which had screenings in Iran and abroad. as a co-producer, he has produced the Red Zone series for Alsharqia TV in Iraq. In 2021,he has co-written and directed Abi with Mohadeseh Jalilvand. He has also produced C-section Short Film directed by Mehrshad Kheradmandi, and God’s Face Short Film directed by Sajjad Kwaish. His last work is a short film called “The Purple Sandals”

Mohadeseh Jalilvand

Mohadeseh Jalilvand was born in 1991. She studied cinema at the best university of fine arts in the Middle East, where she was taught by the best professors such as Shadmehr Rastin and Mehran Kashani. She co-wrote and directed the movie "Abi" with Mohamed Jaza. The film is currently participating in international festivals and has won six participations and awards so far.. She wrote The Last Displaced short film that won the Doha film fund