About Rommana

A couple of art students began their collaboration in 2013. Rommana Art Studio was founded by the same students in 2015. Our main goal was producing low budget short films and documentaries. In 2019 we established ourselves as an innovative, vibrant and an international production company producing award winning short films, documentaries and branded content as well as providing post-production services both in sound and image.

We looking forward to collaborate with more international clients and filmmakers that offer a new voice and are eager to tell compelling stories.

Mohamed Jaza

Mohamed Jaza

Rommana Founder & CEO

Mohamed Jaza is a Syrian, born in 1994 in Iran, where he currently lives and works. He’s a producer and Founder of Rommana Art Studio. Having had his early education at an Arabian school, he later entered Tehran University of Art to study cinema. He made the documentary "Beloved Alphabet" in 2015 which had screenings in Iran and abroad. He is currently producing multiple projects from short films to branded content, working with filmmakers and clients in Iran and other countries such as France, Iraq, Kuwait and many more.

Mohadeseh Jalilvand

Mohadeseh Jalilvand

Rommana Founder & CEO

Mohadese Jalilvand was born in 1991 in Iran. She’s a Writer, Producer, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Rommana Art Studio. She has educated in Cinema Studies in the major of Script Writing in Tehran University of Art. She co-directed the documentary "Beloved Alphabet" in 2015 with Mohammad Jaza. She then traveled to Syria to experience the life of women in war which led her to publish a collection of writings and photographs called ‘When We Were Alive’.
Since, she’s written short fictions and screenplays and is currently writing a play based on Anton Chekhov’s ‘Three Sister’, which will be on stage early next year.

Mitra Hamzelooia

Art Director

Mitra Hamzelooia was born in 1992 in Tehran. She studied Industrial design at Tehran University of Art, but her work was always driven by her true passion for photography.
She started with analogue photography and has never left it since. She completed several photography projects that will soon be displayed in several galleries. She also works as a set photographer with theatre companies and film productions.

Mehrshad Kheradmandi

Screenwriter & Director

Mehrshad Kheradmandi was born in 1995. He’s been writing and making films since he was 17 years old. He’s written over 10 feature screenplays and has produced several short films and video art installations. He’s also worked as an Assistant Director in a major historical series for Iran’s television. His latest Award Winning short film ‘Aysan’ attended over 30 international film festivals and is now available online.

Farid Tahmasebi

Director & DOP

Farid Tahmasebi was born in 1994. He is an independent Iranian filmmaker and cinematographer. He’s been educated in Cinema Studies in the major of Cinematography at Tehran University of Art. In 2019, He was selected to participate in a joint project between Tehran University of Art and Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF as director of photography to shoot a documentary about a Guinean refugee in Berlin.
He has recently received the “Best Cinematography” Isfa (Iranian Short Film Association) Awards for his work on the short film ‘Aysan’.
His latest project would be his cinematography for a feature film titled ‘Maman’ produced by Majid Barzegar. He is currently working on the pre-production of a feature film by Mehrshad Kheradmandi which is expected to begin it’s principle photography early next year.

Mahdi Jalilvand

Graphic Designer

Mahdi Jalilvand was born 1999. He’s currently studying TV and Digital arts as well working as an in-house editor, animator and graphic designer for Rommana Art Studio.

Soheil Lotfi

Production Manager

Soheil Lotfi was born in 2000. He’s studying TV and Digital arts at Pars University of Art and Architecture. He’s been working as a Production Assistant for a series of branded content clips for Iran foundation for science and technology and Smart Mind Educational Group produced by Rommana Art Studio.

Mojtaba Reyhani

Screenwriter & Director

Mojtaba Reyhani was born in 1994 in Shiraz. He’s been graduated with two degrees, one being Directing and the other as an Auto Mechanic. He’s directed several short films, a play and has experience in acting both on stage and on screen for a couple of short films.

Leyla Taheri

Set & Custom Designer

Leyla Taheri was born in 1997. She graduated her BA with a degree in Graphic Design. She later took a course in photography which led her to realise her true passion for theatre. She went on to major in Set and Costume design from Tehran University of Art. To develop her skills and knowledge and to gain more experience working on sets, she’s worked as an assistant in costume and set design departments both in film and theatre. She’s currently working professionally as a freelance Costume designer and Set designer on short films, branded content and advertisement. However, in the recent years, she’s become more passionate about Costume Design, which makes her want to focus her time and skill set on that department in order to be able to specialise in the near future.

Aeen Shadmani


Aeen Shadmani was born in 2000. She has a degree in Graphic design and is currently studying TV and Digital arts for her BA whilst working as an animator and a graphic designer for Rommana Art Studio.

Sogol Afshar


Sogol Afshar was born in 1994 in Tehran. She initially began as a painter, studying her foundation degree at Camberwell College of Arts. In 2017, she obtained a First-Class Honours degree in Film and Television from the London College of Communication. She has written and directed two short films which, a documentary and an Ad Campaign for Fawcett Society. ‘Dorreh’ being her latest short was in Official Selection at British Urban Film Festival and Canada Shorts Film Festival. Having recently graduated from Met Film School London with First Class Honours, her next two narrative shorts are in pre-production. She also works as a freelance director for Bold Content Video in London.