God Face in Post Production Stage

God Face in Post Production Stage

This project is God’s Face short film

This film was filmed in France and now is in post production stage.

Kwaish Sajjad is the director.

INANNA film production is the main producer and Rommana Art Studio is co-producer in this project.

The edit of the film finished and now the film is in sound design & color correction stage.

4000 Voice Coming Soon …

4000 Voice Coming Soon …

The short documentary film 4000 voice is now ready for screening.

This Documentary was made with the Iraqi film maker “Kwiash Sajjad” and produced by INANNA Film Production & Rommana Art Studio .

C0 producer: L’Olivier culturel

DOP: Mohammed Ali Salmya

Sound Recordist: Murtadah Ghazi

Editor: Manel Zekri

Sound Designer: Mohammad Ghasemi

Color Correct: Mahmoud Nourani

Logline: The filmmaker helps a mother looking for her son that went to fight ISIS!

The film will start its journey into festivals soon


Tehran film festival removed “Aysan” short film!

Rommana Art Studio

Tehran film festival removed “Aysan” short film!

The short film “Aysan” was removed from the festival despite being accepted by the Selection Board of the Thirty-sixth Tehran Short Film Festival.

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