Mr.Mohanned Hayal in Busan International Film Festival alone!

Mr.Mohanned Hayal in Busan International Film Festival alone!

This Iraqi director wrote a letter for his friends in his country that is:

Dear friends in My Baghdad, I know this is a very hard time for you and that the government has cut off the internet, so I don’t know if my message will get through.
Today it was great screening of Haifa Street’s, at the official competition at Busan Film Festival. This is the first that I happen to be away as you face bullets, the first demonstration that I won’t be in. However, I know it is more sincere than the previous ones, simply because it represents us. We, the despaired and angry. We who can only listen to the voices of our anger over this corruption that surrounds us from all sides. Nobody is able to break this siege except us. Is there anything left to lose? I need to be with you to speak out in the face of the thieves, part of whom did their utmost so that I do not make this film. I want to stand up to those who blackmail us in the name of their parties. Though I underwent great blackmail, but my anger is bigger than the personal. Remember, friends, especially those of you in the cinema industry that you cannot make your first films as long as there are “cultural gangs” taking hold of things. Their presence is conditional upon this corrupt political system and the systems it is interlinked with. Some of them even loudly claim your anger, and they are the worse. I am here in Busan but My heart and My tears goes to you my friends!
100 Iraqi young killed in this time by bad government that work not for Iraqi people But for very bad neighbored countries and USA

Rommana Art Studio wish you the best Mr.Mohanned Hayal

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