The Last Displaced in Doha Film Fund

Rommana Art Studio received a request to write a script for The Last Displaced Short Film

Mohadeseh Jalilvand, our writer wrote the script
The script was selected by Doha Film Institute in their Film Funding project for spring 2020


Director: Muhannad Hassan Al Sudany
Screenwriter: Muhannad Al Sudany, Mohadeseh Jalilvand
Producer: Huda Al Kadhimi

Production Company: Ishtar Iraq Film Production


Fadi is a volunteer accompanied by Iraqi Forces. He lost communication with his family once ISIS entered the city. He desperately tries to reach his family’s home during an aggressive battle between Iraqi Forces and ISIS in an alleyway in old Mosul. The soldier that accompanied Fadi is killed by a sniper, and he ends up besieged in a room with a baby. While he tries to rescue himself, the baby cries out from hunger. Fadi is surprised when the sniper guides him to the child’s food. ISIS besieges the area, and after a battle with Iraqi Forces, we discover that the sniper is a young woman.